News: Could the World Cup ball be to blame?

Could the World Cup ball be to blame?

Check out the link, where Ivory Coast coach lends some support to those complaining goalkeepers and speaks out against the Jabulani ball.

But could the Jabulani be affecting the low scoring games? 

It's supposed to be the best 32 teams in the world, yet they are all having ball control issues. Whether it's at a team level (Mexico was slow and imprecise on the passing, Italy and Paraguay had trouble as well, etc.).

I don't know if I like this Eriksson all this much, but he does have a point about the ball causing all this trouble and he's the first coach I see standing up against the Jabulani. 

But something I haven't heard is whether the ball is affecting the strikers and play-making. Could this ball be affecting player's ball control and responsible for the low scoring games?

Just an idea...

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I think we're seeing a lot of balls sailing over the crossbar by at least 5-10'. Strikers who would normally bury these shots into the back of the net and are instead looking like fools.

I love the fact the ball has thrown everything out of whack, makes it fun!

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