Suarez: Hero or Cheater?

Hero or Cheater?

Suarez: Hero or Cheater?

Honestly, I have no clue.  I think it was one of the smartest plays in WC history.  Game on the line.  If that ball goes in, you're going home.  You sacrifice yourself to a red card (and the next game against Holland), but you give your goalie and the Fates an opportunity.  So, is he another Henry who gave his country an opportunity or a FairPlay offender to its very definition?

Uruguay - Ghana

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Smart player, he knew what was at stake, and what the odds were. He risked everything and came out on top. We can spend hours debating whether it's right or not, but this isn't a moral court, it's a football field and people have been using the rules to their advantage since the beginning. I don't think my view is cynical at all, even though it sounds a little bit, because this is after all, just a game.


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