News: 2010 World Cup prize money

2010 World Cup prize money

So, as if it wasn't obvious enough, money is playing a big role in this World Cup, not just by how much will be injected into the South African economy (also dubbed as the "World Cup Bump"). Here's a brief look at what some teams stand to make depending on how far the make it.

Breaking it down:

Fifa's general secretary, Jérôme Valcke, announced today that the prize money on offer had been increased 61% since the World Cup in Germany in 2006.

If Fabio Capello's side were to win the trophy they would receive a total of $31m (£18.7m). The runners-up will get $24m, semi-finalists $20m and the quarter-finalists $18m each. Teams that reach the second round will get $9m and even those eliminated in the group phase will receive $8m. Each team have already received $1m from Fifa towards their "preparation costs".

On the Spanish article:

-Spanish players stands to win the most of any team. Each player will receive 600,000 Euros if they win the whole tournament. Followed by Argentina (520,000 euros each player), England (470,000 each player), France (390,000 each player), Germany and Mexico (250,000 each player). Should be noted that most of the money mentioned here is coming from each country's national soccer association.

-A total of $420,000,000 will be doled out to the competing 32 teams by FIFA.


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