NYT: Maradona deserves an apology. Hell yeah he does!

Maradona deserves an apology. Hell yeah he does!

I personally don't owe him an apology because as soon as the plane left Argentina for South Africa, I was done criticizing and started rooting for the team, regardless of who was in it. Nyeeeh! ;p

Still a tough game ahead of Argentina tomorrow.

I think this article should be printed and passed around and signed by journalists and Pelé, who criticized Maradona so harshly.

My view on the guy is that he's touched heaven (yes, with his hand) and he's been to hell and back. As stupid as he sounds sometimes (like when he talks about politics or anything OTHER than Soccer/football), he has a lot to teach people who've lived their lives in fear and haven't accomplished 1/100th of what he has.

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