News: Not-Brazil in the Semis!

Not-Brazil in the Semis!

Not-Brazil in the Semis!

Not only am I ecstatic that my favorite team moved on to the semifinals, but I'm also so excited to see a team that's not Brazil in the semis!  Just like supporting the Yankees, rooting for Brazil was like rooting for gravity.  No longer.

ESPN Writer Roger Bennet sums it up well: "Watching Brazil was akin to witnessing a bully crumpling after being punched for the very first time."

Nevertheless, despite all this Dutch awesome going around, why is no one mentioning how the Dutch themselves self-destructed offensively in the last 20 minutes of the game?  Legitimate back-of-the-net scoring opportunities (I think I counted a 3 on 1 at one point) completely squandered.

Finally, Mr. van Marwijk.  Please never start RVP again.  He will lose the World Cup for you.  He's slow, lacks imagination (he lost you about 3 or 4 scoring opportunities because he thought about it for too long), has Ronaldo's attitude with half the skill, and has the unfortunate potential to destroy the team off the field.  Start Elia, please.

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Kuyt was terrible

Hahaha....good analogy by Bennet.
I hope Uruguay beats them.

Our friendship is over.

Go South America!
I didn't think Netherlands played that much better today. So many missed opportunities.

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