News: World Cup Crash Tests

World Cup Crash Tests

You know how it is. A huge world class event comes to your town, World Cup for example, and all of a sudden everything is changed. TVs are on everywhere, tourists are pouring into your city and roads are packed with raving football fanatics. Road rules are bent and twisted in every way imaginable and all of a sudden those 5-seaters gain the capacity of city buses. People are sticking out of all car openings, music blasting and all. While this type of atmosphere is uber-exciting, you still have to keep safety in mind. Boring? Yes. Important? Yes... After all, you still wanna watch the next world cup, right?

Oh, the video is in German, but you know what they say, image is worth a thousand words.

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I just popped an airbag, thanks for the link!

I can't believe funding was actually provided for the research of idiocy. Amazing.

Your German is better than mine, Sean

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