World Cup Features

News: What changes need to be made before USA vs. Algeria?

Posted with permission via I will get this out of the way early and then not mention it again...the referee for the USA vs. Slovenia game was awful. He missed key plays and called back the goal that would have sent the USA to victory. Nothing he did was evidenced by FIFA's (supposed) forthcoming grade of a "poor performance" and relief of all further World Cup center refereeing duties. He was horrible, and cost us the win...for the most part.

News: Interactive World Cup Explorer

Make sure to click through for some bad-ass Flash-based World Cup explorer. I'm not sure whether something like this was available for the last world cup, all I know is that I'll be using that site quite a bit.

How To: How good does the USA look?

Posted with permission via The pre-tournament friendlies are over. The training camp in Pretoria, South Africa, has become their home. They are tweeting and answering interviewers with the same general statement...Training camp has gone extremely well, everyone is healthy, and they're ready for England.

News: World Cup Crash Tests

You know how it is. A huge world class event comes to your town, World Cup for example, and all of a sudden everything is changed. TVs are on everywhere, tourists are pouring into your city and roads are packed with raving football fanatics. Road rules are bent and twisted in every way imaginable and all of a sudden those 5-seaters gain the capacity of city buses. People are sticking out of all car openings, music blasting and all. While this type of atmosphere is uber-exciting, you still hav...

News: It Ain't the Ball, It's the Altitude. Duhhh....

I guess it takes the designer to explain, but it's the altitude that's affecting the unpredictable movement on the ball, not the ball itself. Defending himself, he says the ball's been around since December and no one's complained until now. I know it's a problem in Jo'Burg and Nelspruit (highest venue in WC history). But Cape Town's at sea level, does anyone know if the problem exists there?