How To: Just How Important is the World Cup?

Just How Important is the World Cup?

Just How Important is the World Cup?

Holy Trinity important.

AOL News says: "This iconic 'Nino Dios' (Jesus Christ as a child) wearing the uniform of the Mexican football team has become a makeshift shrine at the San Gabriel Arcangel Church in Mexico City."

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Experiencing the World Cup in Mexico City is like nothing I've experienced (outside of Argentina, of course). It's definitely one of the best places to be while the world cup is going on. You can see it everywhere, people wearing official jerseys, hear people talking about it, have a conversation with most taxi drivers, even watch the games during your cab ride. I got in one cab and the driver had purchased a small 7" lcd screen and an antenna in case he was working during one of the Mexico games. He made me proud.

This is amazing. What was it like when they beat France?

When they beat France, they closed two of the biggest avenues leading to downtown and their national monument so people could rally around their national monument "El Angel." There were young people running around with Mexican flags and waving at traffic to honk their horns. There were cars packed with people driving around chanting and honking and waving flags too. And everyone was in a good mood for the rest of the week. We even got a free round at the restaurant we were watching the game at.

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