News: Here's your 1 Cristiano Ronaldo article...

Here's your 1 Cristiano Ronaldo article...

He looks stronger than almost any other player out there and he's only 25. I won't comment on his looks since I'm not a teenage girl, but this article puts him into context with other American athletes, Kobe, Terrell, A-Rod. 

Doubtless, he's one of the greatest players in the game and not to be underestimated. His lack of goal this World Cup (actually scored 1 off of his neck) only marks his growth as a team player.

Here's your 1 Cristiano Ronaldo article...

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"When a teammate fails to score after receiving one of his brilliant and perfectly positioned passes -- as happened at least twice Monday -- he looks to the sky and rolls his eyes, because, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo would have scored if only Cristiano Ronaldo could have passed the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo."

i am in love.... kind of.... well he's filling my becks void.

He does look dandy in that picture. That was probably taken while the rest of his team was defending.

He is probably one footballer that holds the Guiness World Record with the most pictures like that, lying on the ground after a flop.

As I was saying previously, Miss World Cup 2010 was held before the WC. Ronaldo won. True story.

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