News: Azzurri Drops Rossi?

Azzurri Drops Rossi?

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Great little piece. Where do you stand on Rossi picking Italy?

I was shocked they dropped him. Like the article says, he's a great youthful spark. I don't think it was a fluke that one of the best goals in the Confed. Cup was the zinger he had against the US. But to answer your question, it's the big fish little pond conundrum; I think he wanted the biggest pond he could find instead of being an American soccer player having to apologize for his talent. If he keeps progressing the way he has, he'll be a starter for Italy next World Cup, for sure.

But other people might argue that you should stick to your pond. It's different in every case. I think that team U.S.A. is in constant progress and it needs all the help it can get and it shouldn't let these kinds of players get away. I probably don't know enough about Rossi's personal life to get on either side of the argument. But I know that I'd be pissed if Messi had turned Spaniard on us, which he easily could've if it wasn't for his strong family bond and pride.

I also just read that Camoranesi might not make it in time with his injury, so they'll have another chance to pick someone else. But it won't be Rossi either. It'll be someone from Cagliari. Forgot his name.

it seems like he made his decision super-early... he's played for parma starting at 15.

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