News: Attendance woes make FIFA take notice.

Attendance woes make FIFA take notice.

This article aggregates a lot of things that have been said about the World Cup experience this year (South Africa's infrastructure, low scoring games, uninteresting first round match-ups, etc). I've noticed in a few broadcasts that upper seating areas are not filled to capacity and maybe the vuvuzelas make up for this. I think this will change once the Knock-out stages begin, but Nick Webster has a point:

"One wonders if FIFA is already slanting the books with an eye on 2018 and 2022, whose TV rights are up for grabs in December. TV companies are not known to spend millions and billions on products where empty seats fill the lenses of cameras."

Low attendance - What it breaks down to:

  • Tickets were too expensive for ordinary Africans to begin with.
  • The system to get tickets (the Internet) is not available to ordinary Africans and was only rectified at the death.
  • The infrastructure is not set up to deal with the size of crowds venues are receiving.
  • FIFA pre-sold too many tickets to MATCH, its ticketing partner.
  • FIFA has taken care of its sponsors at the expense of the real fans.
  • Names on tickets deter fans from reselling their tickets in some cases because they feel as though they are breaking the law – it doesn't deter the scalpers.

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