FIFA World Cup 2010: How I'll be watching

How I'll be watching

The greatest tournament of the world is coming up this week and, let's be honest here, I am very excited.

I'll be updating this post frequently, so watch this space!


US > S. Korea > England > Spain

I'm pretty sure the US (crossing fingers) can get out of their Group (C: Algeria, England, Slovenia) as a runner up and the scrappy South Koreans should be able to finish second in Group (B: Argentina, Greece, Nigeria) as well.

Now the runner up of Group C (hopefully it'll be our boys) is mostly likely going to run into the winner of Group D which will be Germany. I would be absolutely amazed if the US pulls off a win.

If S. Korea is the runner up in their group, they'll probably run into a team like France or Uruguay or maybe even the hosts S. Africa! But I think It'll be a bit of a miracle if the Korean Red Devils can win in the second round.

So, that leaves me and my Anglophile-heart supporting the Three Lions (and to some extent, Spain).

But I know one team I won't be supporting this year: France (reason: --- Thierry Henry's handball resulted in a goal against Ireland in a crucial World Cup qualifying match. France advanced, Ireland did not. Injustice. To be fair, I'm more annoyed with FIFA than the French.)

My Schedule
(All times according to FIFA; All times Pacific)

I'm sure I'll be watching a lot of games but here are the games I'll try my best not to miss.

Saturday, 12 June
4:30AM - S. Korea vs. Greece
11:30AM - England vs. United States

Thursday, 17 June
4:30AM - Argentina vs. S. Korea

Friday, 18 June
7:00AM - Slovenia vs. United States
11:30AM - England vs. Algeria

Tuesday, 22 June
11:30AM - Nigeria vs. S. Korea

Wednesday, 23 June
7:00AM - Slovenia vs. England
7:00AM - United States vs. Algeria

[I'll start posting second round fixtures as the group stages start to wrap up]

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